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(1) In what year are we living today?
The year we are living in today is 1999 AD.  This is based on our current calendar.
(2) What is the timeline of Abraham to Jesus Christ?
“The Bible, for example, provides exact chronological data from Adam to Solomon. Combining information from the Assyrian Eponym Lists and the Black Obelisk, the death of Ahab has been determined to be 853- 852 B.C. (Packer, et al., 1980, p. 48) and therefore the reign of Solomon (some 40 years, 1 Kings 11:42) can be dated at 971-931 B.C. (Merrill, 1978, p. 97; Packer, et al., 1980, p. 50; Brantley, 1993, p. 83). According to 1 Kings 6:1, 480 years before Solomon’s fourth year of reign (967-966 B.C.), Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt. The date of the Exodus is 1446/ 1445 B.C. ( pp. 212-222; Packer,).” To this date is added the time of the sojourn in Egypt (430 years, Exodus 12:40), thereby producing the date of 1876 B.C. as the year Jacob went to Egypt (Packer, et al., 1980, p. 50). Interestingly, the Bible records Pharaoh’s query of Jacob’s age (and Jacob’s answer—130 years) in Genesis 47:9, which would make the year of Jacob’s birth 2006 B.C. (Genesis 25:26). Abraham was 100 years old when he begat Isaac, giving the date of 2166 B.C. for Abraham’s birth (Genesis 21:5; Packer, et al., 1980, p. 54).” 
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(2)Thompson, Bert (1995), Creation Compromises (Montgomery, AL: Apologetics Press).& RR 1999
(3) What is the timeline between Abraham and Adam?
Terah (130 years old) bore Abraham  (Genesis 11:32 & Genesis 12:4)  2169 BC
Nahor (29 years old) bore Terah (Genesis 11:24)   2299 BC
Serug (30 years old) bore Nahor (Genesis 11:22)  2328 BC
Reu  (32 years old) bore Serug (Genesis 11:20)   2358 BC
Peleg (30 years old) bore Reu (Genesis 11:18)    2390C
Eber (34 years old) bore Peleg (Genesis 11:16)  2420C
Salah (30 years old) bore Eber (Genesis 11:14)  2454BC
Arphaxad (35 years old) bore Salah (Genesis 11:12)  2484BC
Shem (100 years old) bore Arphaxad (Genesis 11:10) 2519BC
Noah (500 years old) bore Shem (Genesis 5:32)  2619BC
Lamech (182 years old) bore Noah (Genesis 5:28-29)   3119BC
Methuselah (187 years old) bore Lamech (Genesis 5:25) 3301BC
Enoch (65 years old) bore Methuselah (Genesis 5:21) 3488 BC
Jared  (162 years old) bore Enoch (Genesis 5:18) Reference (Jude 14)  3553 BC
Mahaleel (65 years old) bore Jared (Genesis 5:15)  3715 BC
Cainan (70 years old) bore Mahaleel (Genesis 5:12)  3780 BC 
Enos (90 years old) Cainan (Genesis 5:9)  3850 BC
Seth (105 years old) bore Enos (Genesis 5:6)  3940 BC
Adam (130 years old) bore Seth (Genesis 5:3)   4045 BC 
God created Adam (the beginning 6th day) CREATION (Genesis 1:26) 4175 BC
4175 BC + 1999 AD = The Earth being 6,175 years old. 
**The Gregorian Calendar (that is used today) is based on Christ being born 1AD.  This is not accurate according to scholars placing Christ birth, at 3-4BC.  Thus there is an approximate three-year calendar discrepancy.  This would make 1999 AD approximately 2002 AD.  BC – (Before Christ).  AD -  (Anno Domini) in the year of the Lord. 
The flood occurred 600 years after Noah was born (Genesis 7:6).  Thus 2519 BC was the flood. 

There is 2006 years between Abraham and Adam.  There is 2169 years between Christ and Abraham.

Abraham bore Isaac (Genesis 21:5) at 100 years old.
Isaac bore Jacob (Genesis 25:26) at 60 years old.

A great thanks to Apologetics Press and Bert Thompson for aids in this study**

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