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Introduction Ė The Gospel According to Matthew was believed to be written between AD 38 and AD 70, most commonly ranged at 60-65 AD.  Matthew was a Galilean Jew.  Matthew was known as the tax collector (Matthew 9:9).  Matthew was also known as Levi the son of Alphaeus (Luke 5:27,29 and Mark 2:14).  The book of Matthew is the first of the four Gospels.

I. Christ Ancestry, Birth, and Christ Youth.

A. The Genealogy of Christ ( 1:1-17)
B. Mary and Joseph (1:18-25)
C. The Birth of Christ (2:1-12)
D. The Flight into Egypt (2:13-15)
E. A Massacre of the Innocents (2:16-18)
F. The Return to Nazareth (2:19-23)

II. John the Baptist; Baptism and Christ into the Wilderness.

A. The Mission and the Work Of John (3:1-12)
B. The Baptism of Jesus (3:13-17)
C. The Temptation of Christ by Satan (4:1-11)

III. Christ in Galilee, Sermon on the Mount, and The Principles of the Kingdom.

A. Jesus goes to Galilee :(4:12-17)
B. Peter, Andrew, James, and John are Called (4:18-22)
C. Jesus Declares His Theme and Fame Rises (4:23-25)
D. The Beatitudes Ė Begins the Sermon on the Mount (5:1-12)
E. The Disciples Compared to Salt and Light (5:13-16)
F. Christ Relates to The Old Law (5:17-20)
G. Moral Teachings (5:21-42)
H. The Principle of Love (5:43-48)
I. Teachings on Almsgiving, Prayer, and Fasting (6:1-18)
J. Teachings Against Riches and the Love of the Necessities of Life (6:19-34)
K. Teachings on Judging others (7:1-5)
L.  A Caution; Prayer Encouraged, the Golden Rule, and the Two Ways.
M. Solemn Warnings (7:15-29)

IV. The Galilean Ministry

A. Christ Miracles and Signs of Divine Authority (8:1-9:38)
B. Apostles Chosen, Commissioned and Sent Forth (10:1-42)
C. Messengers from John the Baptist; Jesus speaks of John (11:1-19)
D. Cities Condemned, and a Prayer of Thanksgiving (11:19-30)
E. Disputations with the Pharisees (12:1-45)
F. Spiritual Relationships explained (12-46-50)
G. Parables of the : Sower; Wheat and Tares, Mustard Seed, Leaven, Hidden Treasures The Pearl of Great Price, The Net, and Treasures New and Old (13:1-52)
H. Jesus Rejected at Nazareth (12:53-58)
I. John the Baptist Beheaded (14:1-12)
J. Jesus Feeds Five Thousand, Walks on Water, and Heals the Sick in Gennesaret (14:1-36)
K. Opposition of the Scribes and Pharisees (15:1-20)
L. The Canaanitish Woman (15:21-28)
M. Many Healed and Four Thousand Fed (15:29-39)
N. The Pharisees and Sadducees Unite against Christ (16:1-12)
O. Peterís Great Confession (16:13-20)
P. The Cross Foretold (16:21-28)
Q. Christ Transfigured (17:1-13)
R. Christ Heals, Power of Faith, and Temple Tax (17:14-27)
S. Are to Treat Offensiveness (18:1-35)

V.  The Perean Ministry 

A. From Galilee to Perea; Teachings concerning divorce (19:1-12)
B. Jesus and Children, The Rich Young Ruler, Perils of Riches, and Rewards of the Self-sacrificed (19:19-30)
C. Laborers in the Vineyard, Fortells of His Death Again, Rebukes James and John for Self-Ambition (20:1-28)
D. Two Blind Men Healed at Jericho (20:29-34)

VI. Last Days of The Lordís Public Mininstry

A. Triumphant entry into Jerusalem, 2nd Cleansing of the Temple, Barren Fig Tree Cursed, and Questions of Christ Authority (21:1-27)
B.   Parables of The Two Sons, The Wicked Husbandmen, and The Marriage Feast
       (21:28-46 ; 22:1-14)
C.   Paying Tribute to Caesar, Sadducees and the Resurrection, and Opposition of the 
       Pharisees (22:15-46)
E. Scribes and Pharisees Exposed, Seven Woes Pronounced (23:1-39)
F. Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold (24:1-30)
G. The Second Coming is Introduced in Reference with the Destruction of Jerusalem (24:29-31;35-51)
H. The Parables of The Ten Virgins, and The Talents (25:1-46)
I. Prediction of His Crucifixion, Feast in Simonís House, Bargain of Judas, the Last Supper, Peterís Denial Foretold, and Gethsemane (26:1-46)

VII. Arrest, Trial, Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection, of Jesus Christ

A. Betrayal and Arrest (26:47-56)
B. Trial Before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin (26:57-68)
C. Peterís Denials, Jesus Before Pilate, Death of Judas,  and the Crucifixion of The Lord (26:69-27:61)
D. Resurrection of Christ (27:62-28:10)
E. Sanhedrinís Falsehood and the Great Commission (28:11-20)

Conclusion of the Outline of The Book Of Matthew.

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