Acid Test to Determine which Bible Translations are Best for You

Every bible translation has its strengths and its weaknesses. That statement just expressed humanism in its purest form and a desire to compromise truth. I truly disagree with this strengths and weakness statement.  I have been involved with the actual production of a published bible translation for 27 years.  You have a different opinion when you are in trenches.


Some people collect stamps I collect bible translations. In the past 10-15 yrs. I have pretty much stopped buying the pay for versions if they fail this quick Translation Acid Test.




(To determine if you should be using the translation you are using or go get a better one so you can truly learn about Jesus & God. This test is for people who have a 6th grade reading level or above).

This test is not to argue about words as some would claim. It goes for
the heart of where the translations go first to indoctrinate your translation. This test lets you know exactly what they want you to believe. If someone has to tamper with the Word of God to prove some doctrine that doctrine has to be false.




First thing is just to let you know if your translation was done to serve God or Money. Open your bible to Matthew 3:11 and see if it has baptize and with water.  A bible contradiction, because it is impossible to immerse with water.  You can immerse IN water.  But you can sprinkle, pour, with water all day long. Baptize serves Money. With water serves Money.


So now you have found in one verse the goal of the translation in which you are using.




PART 1 this gets rid of about 1/3 of the denominationally indoctrinated bible translations; if you use these translations, to be as kind as possible I worry about your soul.


1. Open your Bible to Matthew 5:17 and read it. Does the word abolish appear? STRIKE ONE!


2. Open your bible and go to John 3:16 does is have the word(s) shall or will in there? STRIKE TWO!


3. Open your bible and go to Revelation 20:5 and look for some wording like "came to life"? STRIKE THREE-- IT'S OUT!!!


Put it on the shelf; its done for or better burn it so you can never be influenced by it again. (Garbage in garbage out.) You have a translation that was purposely Denominational-ized. (You could even say demonized.)


1. Here the 'so called' translators put in a contradiction because they believe the O.T. Laws are still in effect.  Seven Day Adventist like this too for their 'sabbath keeping'. Also the Pre-millinealists.

2. The 'translators' put in "Believe only doctrine." (This is the way the Baptist were trained to recite Jn 3:16, even before newer perversions existed.)

3. The 'so called' translators believe and indoctrinated you translation with Pre-millineal doctrine.



Okay, say you get 2 strikes so far, this is the next test to see if whether or not to keep your bible anything below becomes STRIKE THREE IT'S OUT.


4. Open your Bible to anywhere and look for italics. They should be all over the place used to generally mark one word like "the."  If you do not find them then most likely (95% chance) your bible translation is some form of a paraphrased translation. This paraphrase has all kinds of pretty terms to confuse you, written generally in the Preface. Terms like better than word for word, dynamic equivalence, and free or free style, just for a few. This means the opinions of the translators has become your "Word of God".  Strike three!


5. Open up and read 1 John; about 15 minutes or less. Mark down how many times you read the word PRACTICE / PRACTICING / etc.  IF not at least 8, strike three!


6.  Look up Mark 16:16 does your bible say "baptized" vs. the real translation of "immersed" "dip" "submerge" (I have never seen anything but "immerse & dip". But I only own 2/3 of all the full translations every published in book or electronic form of the N.T.).  This shows the translators were not willing to tell the you the truth or are willing to compromise the truth.  Strike three!


7. Read Romans 12:1, is the word(s) 'worship' or some form of it there vs. 'service'. Strike three!

8. Read 1 Corinthians 5:11.  If you see "sexual immorality" or even worst "immorality." Strike three!  The word should be "fornication" because ever the better of the two opinions, "sexual immorality" means a whole lot of different things to non-Christians than it does to Christians.


Remember me saying I have a Bible Collection well in the electronic world the following are the ONLY translations that we give out to our proofreaders of the Modern Literal Version to use for comparison (if the NKJV hadn't been made for profit, it would be in the download).


(ignore the stupid Microsoft Smart Screen Filter warning in IE 10/11).


Hope now you know for sure how good or bad your currently used translation is. 


Have a great day in the Lord.


Copyright 2014 by B. Walker. No rights reserved.  You may duplicate this in its entirety anyway you want and anywhere you want. Please start with your social media network.

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