Divisions Must Come

David Lipscomb
via The Gospel Advocate, September 4, 1941

Division in the churches is painful. It wrings the heart with anguish. But God asked: "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3). This is a strange declaration that they cannot. It is true as applied to both God and man.

Can you walk with God except you agree with him? He claims to be the Lord, the only ruler of the universe. Can you walk with him while you insist on making laws and changing his order? It applies to man.

Can two walk together when one insists on going another way? Often those we love most force us to the choice as to whether we will cling to God or go with them. If we love God better than we love them, we will cling to God and his ways. If division must come, let it come along the lines of love and loyalty to God.

If we separate from others and do not walk with God, another separation must come. Separation after separation must come until the lines of cleavage run with the line of loyalty to God. Until division along this line is reached, divisions must continue and multiply. So soon as, and not until, division along this line is reached, the union with God and among those true to him will be permanent.

God is directing these things and does all things well. All we have to do is to stand true and firm to God and his word all along the line, and leave results with him. We can do nothing else.

We are poor and foolish and weak. God is wise and strong. Our only hope is to walk with God and be true to God in all things.
"For there must be also heresies [divisions] among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you." (I Corinthians 11:19).

Divisions must come until we are all willing to be led by God.

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