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Deut. 19:14 


1. Purpose of landmarks to identify land areas, and personal holdings of landowner  2. Israel was commanded not to remove landmarks  3. Their homes, possessions, depended upon them  4. Our home in Heaven depends upon "ancient landmarks."  5. Erected by Lord and apostles I. OUR SALVATION DEPENDS UPON BEING IN CHRIST'S CHURCH  1. He built it. Matt. 16:18  2. So many now it behooves us to find "landmarks."  3. Some "landmarks" are frauds. Have been erected too recently. (By modern churches.) Marks erected before or since Jesus built the church are too old or too young to be original II. THE CHURCH HAD ITS BEGINNING IN JERUSALEM. Acts 2  1. We should go there for original marks  2. These are the most "ancient." Rome devised some since but hers are too recent III. SOME OLD LANDMARKS THAT WE CAN TRUST:  1. The Lord's Supper. Erected by Jesus! Men have ignored this mark of identity  2. Simple gospel of Christ. Rom. 1:16. Men still ignore it's simplicity  3. Immersion. Recognized by Jesus. Matt. 3:16. Men say it means nothing  4. Weekly contribution. 1 Cor. 16:1,2. Paul ordered it, but men say it is not good  5. Singing praise unto God. Col. 3:16. Early Christians did it, but men say it is not enough CONCLUSION: If we cannot depend upon the "ancient landmarks" given by these men of the early church, surely we cannot trust modern methods to guide us to our Heavenly Home. 

Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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