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Phil. 2:7 


1. Kept His character, gave up His reputation  2. Men usually give up character and retain reputation  3. Revised Version says "He emptied Himself." I. HOW DID HE EMPTY HIMSELF?  1. Came to manger instead of a mansion  2. Born of a peasant instead of a princess  3. Came to a city of no reputation  4. Worked as carpenter when He could have remained in a Home not made with hands  5. Chose ignorant fisherman to represent His cause  6. Had no place He could call home  7. Refused to defend Himself against false testimony  8. Died between criminals  9. Buried in a borrowed tomb II. WHAT DID HE RECEIVE IN RETURN?  1. Glory He had lost. John 17:5  2. God highly exalted Him. Phil. 2:9  3. His place among the angels. 1 Pet. 3:22  4. Name that is above every name. Phil. 2:9  5. Everyone will bow to Him. Phil. 2.-10  6. Place at God's right hand. 1 Pet. 3:22  7. Will judge the men who robbed Him of justice III. HOW DOES HIS PRESENT STATE EXALT HIM?  1. Been given all authority. Matt. 28:18; Col. 1:18  2. He is Christian's Mediator. I John 2:1, 2;1 Tim. 2:5  3. He is able to save to uttermost. Heb. 7:25  4. He will execute judgment on disobedient. 2 Thess. 1:8  5. He will reward righteous. Rev. 22:12 T. W. B.

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