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Matt. 22:3 

Introduction: I. Brief explanation of the parable 

2. Jews were first bidden but would not come  3. They COULD have come, but WOULD not  4. Gentiles were later included in the invitation and the "wedding was furnished with guests.'" Vs. 10  5. The same things that caused the Jews to reject the invitation are causing both Jews and Gentiles to reject it now I. WHY WAS THE INVITATION REJECTED? WHY DIDN'T THEY COME TO CHRIST?  1. Religious prejudice blinded their eyes. Acts. 28:23-28  2. They thought that the Old Testament taught the way of salvation. John 5:39, 40  3. They were ignorant of God's righteousness. Ro. 10:1-4  4. They went about to "establish their own righteousness." Rom. 10:1-4  5. Too interested in things of this world. Mt. 22:5  6. Indifference. "Made light of it." Matt. 22:5  7. Lacked respect for authority of the King II. WHO MAY COME?  1. All that labor and are heavy laden. Matt. 11:28-30  2. Whosoever will. Rev. 22:17 Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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