Modern Literal Version
[2 Corinthians 9]

     9:1 For* indeed, concerning the relief service *for the holy-ones, it is superfluous for me to write to you*: 9:2 for* I know your* eagerness, of which I am boasting on your* behalf to the Macedonians, that Achaia has been prepared from the past-year, and the zeal from you*stimulated most of them.9:3 But I sent the brethren, in order that our boasting on your* behalf may not be made void in this respect; in order that, just-as I was saying, you* may be prepared; 9:4 lest, if some Macedonians come together with me and might find you* unprepared, we (that* we should not say, you*) should be ashamed in this firmness of boasting. 9:5 Therefore I deemed it necessary to encourage the brethren, in order that they should go beforehand to you*, and should thus prearrange thepreviously proclaimed beforehand bounty {Or: blessing; and following verses}. This is to be ready, as a bounty and not as something from greed. 9:6 But I say this, He who is sowing sparingly will also be reaping sparingly, and he who is sowing upon his bounties will also be reaping upon his bounties. 9:7Let each man give just-as he proposes in his heart; not out of sorrow or out of necessity {Or maybe: compulsion}; for* God loves* a joyful giver. 9:8 Now God is able to make abound all grace toward you*; in order that having all self-sufficiency in everything, you* should always abound to every good work; 9:9 as it has been written, 'He scattered them, he gave to the poor; his righteousness remains forever.'{Psa 112:9}9:10 Now he who is supplying seed to the sower and bread *for food, may supply and may multiply your* seed and may cause the growth of the fruits* of your* righteousness. 9:11 You* are enriched in everything to all liberality, which is working through us thanksgiving to God. 9:12 Because the service of this ministry* not only is replenishing the things lacking of the holy-ones, but is also abounding through many thanksgivings to God; 9:13because through the trial of you* from this service they are glorifying God upon the subjection of your* confession toward the good-news of the Christ and at the liberality of your* generosity toward them and toward all; 9:14 and in their supplication on your* behalf, a longing-for you* because of the surpassing grace of God upon you*. 9:15 But gratitude is to God for his indescribable gift.

Modern Literal Version Preface & Appendix , copyright 1987, 1999, 2013 by G. Allen Walker for the MLV New Testament Committee.
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