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[2 Thessalonians 3]

     3:1 Furthermore, brethren, pray* concerning us, in order that the word of the Lord may runonward and may be glorified, just-as it is also with you*; 3:2 and in order that we may be rescued from the improper and evil men; for* the faith is not of all. 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, who will be establishing you* and will be guarding you* from the evil one.3:4 Now we have confidence in the Lord on the basis of you*, that you* are both practicing and will be practicing the things which we command you*. 3:5 Now may the Lord steer your* hearts into the love* of God and into the endurance of the Christ.

     3:6 Now brethren, we are commanding you* in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to withdraw yourselves from every brother who is walking disorderly and not according to the tradition which they received from us. 3:7 For* you* yourselves know how it is essential for you* to imitate us. Because we did not act-disorderly among you*; 3:8 nor did we eat bread freely from anyone, but in labor and hardship, working night and day, in order to not burden anyone of you*; 3:9 not because we did not have the authority, but in order that we might give ourselves as an example to you*,*that* you* might imitate us. 3:10 For* even when we were with you*, we were commanding you*this, If anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat. 3:11 For* we hear there are some who are walking disorderly among you*, working at nothing, but are busybodies. 3:12 Now we are commanding to such and are encouraging through our Lord Jesus Christ, in order that they work with quietness and should eat their own bread. 3:13 But you* brethren, do* not be depressed indoing* good. 3:14 And if anyone is not obeying* our word through this letter, mark* that man and do* not socialize together with him, in order that he may be embarrassed. 3:15 And yet do* not deem him as an enemy, but admonish*him like a brother.

     3:16 Now the Lord of peace himself may give you* peace always in every manner. The Lord iswith all of you*.

     3:17 The greeting from me, Paul, I thus am writing with my own hand, which is the sign in every letter. 3:18 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is with all of you*. Amen.

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{{ Introduction to 1 Timothy 63-64 AD

    This was written after Paul was released from his first two-year imprisonment in Rome, which is mentioned in Acts 28:30, 31.

Paul wants the reader to gain knowledge about God's instructions to preachers, prayer, the role of women, qualifications of elders and deacons, proper treatment of various categories of people, the importance of the right example and more. Timothy receives this letter from Paul and Paul took Timothy with him on other journeys (Acts 16:3-5). However, the writing is to give instructions and encouragement to Timothy and all other men who would preach the Good-news and to stress the necessity of preaching and teaching the sound doctrine (i.e., the Good-news of Christ, without adding to or taking away from it). To identify the need to wage the good spiritual warfare against Satan, including resisting and rebuking those who teach false doctrine. Paul addresses prayer, submission of women, qualifications of the men for the eldership or servants such as deacons. We also see instructions on the proper treatment of older and younger men and women, including widows and elders. Instruction and strong warning and exhortation to those who desire to be rich and to those who actually are rich in this world's goods.}}

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