Modern Literal Version
[Luke 20]

     {Mar 11:27-33 & Mat 21:23-27 & Luk 20:1-8 Courtyard of the Temple, Tues.}

     20:1 And it happened on one of those days, while he is teaching the people in the temple and proclaiming the good-news, the priests and the scribes, together with the elders stood up; 20:2 and they spoke to him, saying, Tell us, by what authority are you doing* these things? Or who is he who gave you this authority?

     20:3 But he answered and said to them, I will also ask you* onequestion, and tell* me. 20:4The immersion* of John, was it from heaven or from men?

     20:5 Now they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we should say, From heaven; he will say, Then why did you* not believe him? 20:6 But if we should say, From men; all the people will be stoning us; for* they have confidence that John is a prophet. 20:7 And they answered that they did not know where it was from.

     20:8 And Jesus said to them, Neither do I tell you* by what authority I am doing* these things.

     {Mar 12:1-12 & Mat 21:33-46 & Luk 20:9-19.}

     20:9 Now he began to speak to the people this parable: A man planted a vineyard and rented it to farmers, and went-abroad for considerable times {i.e. a long time}.20:10And he sent a bondservant in the harvest season to the farmers, in order that they might give to him from the fruit of the vineyard, but the farmers whipped him and sent him away empty handed. 20:11And he added a different bondservant to send, and they also whipped and dishonored him, and sent him away empty. 20:12And he added a third to send, and they also traumatized this one and cast him forth.

    20:13But the lord of the vineyard said, What should I do*? I will be sending my beloved son; perchance when they have seen this one, they will revere him.20:14But after the farmers saw him, they were reasoning with themselves, saying, This is the heir. Come-here*. We should kill him, in order that the inheritance may become ours. 20:15And having cast him forth, outside the vineyard, they killed him. Therefore, what will the lord of the vineyard do* to them?20:16He will be coming and will be destroying these farmers, and will be giving the vineyard to others.

     But having heard this, they said, Let it not happen!

     20:17 But he looked at them and said, Therefore what is this that has been written, 'The stone which the builders rejected*, this one became the head of the corner'?{Psa 118:22}20:18Everyone who has fallen upon that stone will be shattered, but upon whomever it falls, it will be smashing him.

     20:19 And the high-priests and the scribes sought to put hands upon him in that same hour andyet they feared the people; for* they knew that he spoke this parable to them.

     {Mar 12:13-17 & Mat 22:15-22 & Luk 20:20-26 Courtyard of the Temple, Tues.}

     20:20 And having observed him, they sent forth agents, who themselves pretend to be righteous, in order that they might grab him from his speech, *that* they might give him to the rule and the authority of the governor. 20:21 And they asked him, saying, Teacher, we know that you say and teach correctly, and you do not receive the countenance of men, but in truth, are teaching the way of God. 20:22 Is it legal for us to give tax to Caesar or not?

     20:23 But he perceived their craftiness and said to them, Why are you* testing me?20:24Show*me a denarius. Whose image and inscription has it?

     But they answered and said, Caesar's.

     20:25 But he said to them, Now-then, give* to Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and to God the things which are God's. 20:26 And they were not strong-enough to grasp his declaration in front of the people, and they marveled at his answer and were silent.

     {Mar 12:18-27 & Mat 22:23-33 & Luk 20:27-39.}

     20:27 Now some of the Sadducees came near to him, those who contradict the resurrectionС there is no resurrection; and they asked him, 20:28 saying, Teacher, Moses wrote to us, in order that if anyone's brother dies, having a wife, and this one should die childless, his brother should take the wife and should raise* up seed to his brother. {Deu 25:5}20:29 Therefore, there were seven brethren, and the first took a wife and died childless; 20:30 and the second took the woman and this one died childless; 20:31 and the third took her, and likewise*, the seven also left no children and they all died. 20:32 But last of all, the woman also died later. 20:33 Therefore in the resurrection, whose wife of them does she become? For* the seven had her as wife.

     20:34 And Jesus answered and said to them, The sons of this world marry and are betrothed.20:35But those who were deemed worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are they betrothed,20:36for* neither are they able to die anymore; for* they are equal to the messengers, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection. 20:37But that the dead are raised, even Moses divulged at the bush, as he calls* the Lord, the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.{Exo 3:6}20:38Now he is not the God of the dead, but of the living; for* all live to him.

     20:39 But some of the scribes answered and said, Teacher, you said well.

     {Mar 12:28-34 & Mat 22:34-40 & Luk 20:40.}

     20:40 But they were not daring anymore to ask him anything.

     {Mar 12:35-37 & Mat 22:41-46 & Luk 20:41-44.}

     20:41 Now he said to them, How is it that they say the Christ is David's son?20:42And David himself says in the book of Psalms, 'The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at my right hand, 20:43until I should place your enemies as the footstool of your feet.{Psa 110:1}20:44Therefore, David calls him Lord, and so how is he his son?

     {Mar 12:38-40 & Mat 23:1-39 & Luk 20:45-47 Courts of the Temple, Tues.}

     20:45 But while all the people were listening, he said to his disciples, 20:46Take-heed*, stay away from the scribes, who wish to walk in long robes and love greetings in the marketplaces and foremost seats in the synagogues and foremost-places in the suppers;20:47who are devouring widows' houses, and are praying long prayers for a pretext. These will be receiving even-more condemnation.

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