The Modern Literal Version Wording Statistics TOC

(According to Corel Paradox 1/2016 and available at (Web search engine for the MLV)

The English language has 450,000 base words of which could be used to translate the 5401 Greek words of which make up the Greek New Testament. About 630 Bible Greek words actually have more than one meaning even after careful consideration of which English word to substitute; the context determines which meaning is used. Of the 5401 different Greek words, 1877 only occur once, 589 are proper names, 1450 are compounds of two words that should be translated the same or very similarly as if the two words were not in compound or contracted form. No language can be treated purely like a math equation; however, the MLV represents a best effort to do so.

The English words used in the Modern Literal Version total 6375 unique words including tenses, plurals, etc.

The following list requires a Greek Interlinear to look up the corresponding Greek word. (H) denotes the word is a Helper word which is used to express tense, mood, direction, intensity, person and such. (WG) is a Word Group, one base word and 1 or more of its compounds. (1,2,3, etc) is just the number of Greek words this English word renders. Ones in BOLD have no Greek counterpart (just Helper words). Even with 450,000 English words, English just doesn’t have enough synonyms for everyone of the 5401 Greek words. (Sorry, this list is not finished with all the explanations, i.e. (... ) sections.)

PRONOUNS: he, her, herself, him, himself, his, I, it, its, itself, me, mine, my, myself, one, one's, ones, oneself, our, ours, ourselves, own, same, she, that, their, theirs, them, themselves, these, they, this, there, those, us, we, what, whatever, which, whichever, who, whoever, whom, whomever, whose, you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves. (This are helper words and about 3 actual Greek words used commonly as pronouns.)

MONEY and MEASURING: container, containers, coin, coins, copper-coin, copper-coins, denarius, four-denarii, money.

169 Shared English Words: after (5, (H)), again (1, (H)), against (2WG, (H)), all (2-WG), among (1WG, 1, (H)), and (1WG, 1, (H)), any (1, (H)), anyone (1WG, 1), another, anything (1WG, 1), as (1WG, (H)), at (2WG, (H)), away (2WG, (H)), back (H), be (am, been, being, is, was, were; 3WG, (H)), bear(-s, bore), because (3, 2WG), before (1WG, 9, (H)), birds (2), birth (2WG), born (2WG), both (2), but (2), by (1 Literal, 4 substitutes), call (called, calling, calls, 2WG), come (came, comes, coming; 3, 4WG), died (3WG), do (did, doing, done; 1WG, 2, (H)), donkey (1WG, 1), drink (drinks) (2WG, 1), down ((H) 2WG), each (3), eat (eats, eaten 1WG, 1), enter, even (2WG, 1), ever (2), every (3), feed (fed) (1WG, 1), feet (2), foot, (1WG, 1), fill (filled, filling) (2WG), first (1WG, 1), fish (3), food (2WG), for (without *asterisks*; LITERALLY: to; a rare dative case, 3 WG, (H)), forth (H), four (1WG, 1), from (rare genitive case, 3WG, (H)), fruit (fruits) (2), full (2, H)), here, (2WG, 1)fully (H), go (goes, going, gone, went; 1, 6 WG), goat (-s, 2) gives-birth, giving-birth (2), have (had, has, having, (H), 2WG), here (2WG, 1), how (2WG, 1), if, in, into (2WG, (H)), leave (leaving) (2), lee (2), left (1WG, 1), life (3), let (2?, (H)), little, lord (1 WG Greek & 1 Aramaic), lot (lots) (3), make (made, makes; making, (H)), many (1WG, 3), may (H), might (H), more (4, (H)), much (1WG, 1), mute (2), near (2WG), {neither, never, no, nowhere, nor, not, (2WG)}, now (2WG, 1), of, (literal genitive case; 1 WG, (H)), off (2WG, (H)), on (2WG, (H), rarely dative case), one (1WG, Pronoun), order (1, 1WG), onto (2), out (1WG; (H)), over (3?, (H)), pass (passed, passing) (1WG, 1), permit (2), put (2WG, 1), recline (reclined, reclines, reclining; 2WG), room (3), same (5), side (H), slept (2), shall (H), son (3), than, (7), the (1, (H)), thing (-s, (H; neutered nouns)), time (1WG, 5), to (Literal dative case, (H), 5?), together (H), toward (3WG), tree, (trees) (1WG, 2), times (MULTIPLY; (H)), utterly (H), up (1WG, (H)), upon (1WG, (H)), very (H), well (1 WG, 1), {when, whenever, (6?, (H))}, {where, wherever, (7)}, why (5), will (would; a verb tense (H)) with (2 Literal, 4 substitutes; include very rare dative) , (H)), without (1WG, (H)), womb (3), yet (1WG, 1, (H)). {Denoted by a ~ tilde in e-Sword.}

English words that come from related Greek words or compounds or synonyms about 1797 words, {Denoted in E-sword by a ^, caret.}:

Adversary, Alexandria, Antioch, Asia, Athens, Augustus, Berea, Canaan, Christ, Christs, Creator, Cyprus, Cyrene, Derbe, Elderly, Galatia, Gentile, God, Greek, Hebrew, Holy, Jerusalem, Jew, Jewess, Jewish, Jews, Jonah, Joshua, Judah, Justice, Latin, Levi, Lord's, Nazarene, Preparation, Rahab, Sabbath, Sabbaths, Samaria, Samaritan, Samaritans, Saul, Savior, Sidon, Simon, Tarsus, Tyre, Zeus, abide, abides, able, abode, abound, abounded, abounding, abounds, above, abroad, abundance, accept, acceptable, accepted, accepting, accepts, accomplish, accomplished, accomplishing, according, account, accumulated, accurately, accusation, accusations, accuse, accused, accusing, add, addressed, adds, adultery, adversaries, adverse, afar, affection, affectionate, affections, agreement, alive, alliance, alone, also, altar, although, always, amazed, ambassador, ambassadors, ambition, anger, anguish, anoint, anointed, anointing, another, answer, answers, anxieties, anxiety, anxious, anymore, apostles, appear, appearance, appeared, appearing, appears, appointed, approve, approved, approving, approximately, arbitrate, armies, army, arose, around, arouse, aroused, ashamed, ask, asked, asking, asks, assigned, ate, atonement, attached, attempted, authority, avenge, avenged, avenging, avoid, avoiding, awakening, barley, basket, baskets, bath, bathe, bathed, beast, beasts, beautiful, became-useless, becoming-powerful, beforehand, beg, began, begged, begging, beginning, begun, behind, believing, beneficial, besides, betrothed, better, beyond, bind, binding, binds, bird, birth, bitter, blackness, blameless, blessed, blessing, blessings, block, block, blood, boast, boasted, boasting, boasts, bodily, body, bond-servant, bond-servants, bond, bondage, bondservant, bondservants, book, books, borders, bought, bound, bow, bowed, bowing, braided, braiding, braids, branch, branches, brass, break, breaking, breath, breathed, breathing, brethren, bridle, bright, brimstone, bring*, bring, bringing*, bringing, brings*, brings, broke, broken, brood, brought*, brought, build, building, built, burden, burdened, burdensome, burial, buried, burn, burned, burning, burnt, burst, bursts, bury, burying, busybodies, buy, buying, calculate, calf, camped, camping, cannot, captive, captives, captivity, captured, care, cared, carousing, carpenter, carried, carries, carry, carrying, cast, casting, casts, catch, catching, caught, cause, cease, certainty, chance, change, changed, cheerful, chief, child, childbearing, children, choke, choked, choking, choose, choosing, chose, chosen, circumcise, circumcised, circumcising, circumcision, citizen, citizens, citizenship, city, cleancleanness, cleanse, cleansed, cleansing, cliff, close, clothe, clothed, clothing, cloud, coil, coiled, cold, collector, come-here, comfort, comforted, command, commanded, commanded, commanding, commandment, commandments, commands, commit, committed, committing, common, complete, completed, completely, conceit, condemn, condemnation, condemned, condemning, condemns, conduct, confess, confessed, confesses, confessing, confidence, confirm, confirmed, confirming, congregation, consequently*, considering, consolation, consume, consumed, consuming, contemplating, contended, contending, contends, content, conversing, conviction, convulsed, convulses, convulsing, corrupt, corrupted, corruption, corrupts, cost, cot, council, counsel, counseled, counselor, countenance, courage, court, courts, covenant*, covenant, covenanted, cover, covered, coveting, cowardly, craft, create, created, cried, cries, crime, crowd, crowds, crucified, crucify, crucifying, cry, crying, cured, current, curse, cursed, cursing, custom, customs, cut, cutting, daily, dance, danced, dancing, daring, dark, darkened, darkness, daughter, dawn, day, daybreak, dead, deadly, deadness, death, debate, debated, debating, debt, debtor, debtors, debts, decay, deceive, deceived, deceives, deceiving, decided, declaration, decree, decrees, deem, deemed, deep, defense, deficit, defile, defiled, defilement, deliberations, delight, demon, demons, denied, denies, deny, denying, depart, departed, departs, depth, describe, described, describes, describing, desire, desolate, despise, destroy, destroyed, destroyer, detestable, devout, die, different, difficult, difficulty, diligent, diligently, dipped, disciple, disciples, discipline, disciplined, disciplines, disciplining, disease, diseased, dishonor, dishonored, disobedient, disorderly, dissension, dissensions, dissolve, distinction, disturbance, disturbed, disturbing, divide, divided, division, divorce, divorced, divorces, doers, dominion, dominions, double, downward, drag, dragged, drank, dress, dressed, dried, drinking, dropsy, drove, drowned, drunk, drunkard, drunken, drunkenness, dry, dwell, dwelling, dwells, dwelt, ear, early-morning, eating, eats, eighteen, eighth, either, elder, elderly, elders, embraced, emerald, empowered, emptied, empty, encounter, end, enough, enriched, enslave, enslaved, entered, entirely, entombed, entrust, entrusted, equal, equality, equally, escape, escaped, escapes, establish, established, establishing, eunuch, eunuchs, even-more, evening, everywhere, evident, evil, exalted, example, exchange, exchanged, exercise, exercised, exile, exiled, expectation, expired, extremely, eye, eye, eyes, eyewitness, eyewitnesses, face, fail, faith, fall, fallen, falling, falls, false, false, falsely, fame, far, farther, fashion, fashioning, father, fathers, fattened, fear, fearful, fears, fell, fellow, fellowship, fiery, fifty, fig, fight, figs, figure, fills, filth, filthy, fine-linen, finish, finished, finishing, fire, firmness, five, flashed, flashes, flashing, fled, flesh, fleshly, flock, flood, flooded, flow, flowing, foaming, foams, follow, followed, following, fool, foolish, foolishness, forbid, forbidding, forbids, forefathers, foreigner, foreigners, foremost, forfeiture, forgotten, form, formed, fornication, fortunate, forty, forward, found, foundation, four, fourteen, fourteenth, framed, free, fulfill, fulfilled, fulfillment, fully-professing, furthermore, gain, garment, garments, gate, gates, gather, gathered, gathering, gathers, gave-rest, gave-thanks, gave, genealogies, genealogy, gentiles, gentle, gentleness, gift, gird, girded, give-rest, give, given-rest, given, gives, giving, gladly, glorified, glorious, glory, gnashing, go-onward, gold, good*, good-news, good-repute, good, governor, governors, grab, grabbed, grain, grew, groan, groaned, groaning, groans, grounded, grow, growing, grown, grows, growth, guard, guarded, guarding, guards, guide, hair, half, hand, hands, hanging, hangs, harden, hardened, hardness, head, heal, healed, healing, healing, heals, healthy, hear, heard, hearing, hears, heart, hearts, heat, heaven, heavenly, height, heir, heirs, held, hell, help, helped, helping, helps, hence, hewn, hid, hidden, hide, high, hire, hired, hold, holding, holds, holiness, holy, home, honor, honored, honoring, honors, hope, hoped, hopes, hoping, hospitable, hour, house, household, houses, human, humble, hundred, hung, hungry, husband, husbands, hyacinth, hymn, hymns, hypocrisy, hypocrite, hypocrites, idle, idol, idols, ignorance, ignorance, illumination, imitators, implore, impossible, inasmuch, incense, increase, increased, increases, increasing, indecent, indeed*, infant, infants, inferior, inheritance, insanity, inscription, inside, instead, insulted, intend, intended, intending, intense, intensely, interceding, interval, invite, invited, iron, jealous, jealousies, jealousy, join, joined, joining, joint, journey, joy, judge, judged, judges, judging, judgment, judgments, just-as, just, keep, keeping, keeps, kept, kind, kindliness, kindness, king, kiss, knew, know, knowing, knowledge, known, knows, labor, lack, laid, lamb, lambs, lamp, lamps, language, languages, last, later, law, lawgiver, lay, laying, lays, lead, leader, leaders, leading, leads, leaped, leaping, learn, least, leaven, led, lend, lenient, less, lest, letter, lie, lied, lies, lift, lifted, lifting, lifts, light, like, likeness, listen, listening, lit, live, lived, living, load, lock, locked, locking, lodge, lodged, lodging, long-ago, long, longer, longing, look, looked, looking, lordship, love, loved, lover, lovers, loves, loving, lust, lusts, lying, lying, mad, made*, maggot, magnificent, majesty, make-ready, malicious, man, manifest, manifestation, manifested, mankind, marriage, marry, marvel, marveled, marveling, marvelous, mature, matured, maturity, meal, measure, measured, measures, measuring, meditate, meet, meeting, men, merchandise, merchant, mercy, messengers, met, middle, mighty, mill, mind-set, mind, minds, mingled, miserable, mislead, misleader, misleading, mistreat, mistreated, mix, mixed, mocking, molded, money-lover, money-lovers, month, months, morning, most, mother, mothers, mounted, mourn, mourned, mourning, moved, murder, murdered, murderer, murderers, murders, murmur, murmured, murmuring, murmurings, naked, name's, name, named, natural, necessary, need, needs, needy, net, new, next-day, night, noise, nothing, nourish, nourished, nourishes, nourishment, number, numbered, oath, obedient*, obedient, obey, obeyed, observe, observed, observing, obtain, obtained, obtaining, offer, offered, offering, offers, offspring, old, olive, once, only, open, opened, opening, openly, opens, opportunity, opposite, opposition, oppositions, other, others, otherwise, ought, outcry, outside, outward, overshadowing, overtake, overtaken, pained, paralytic, paralyzed, parents, part, partake, partakers, partakes, partiality, partner, partners, partook, parts, passion, passions, past, patience, pattern, peace, people, peoples, perceive, perceived, perceiving, perception, perfect, perfected, perfecting, perfection, perfume, peril, perish, perplexed, persevered, persuade, persuaded, persuading, persuasive, pervert, perverted, perverting, pierced, pile, place, place", place, placed, places, places, placing, placing", plant, pleading, please, pleased, pleasing, plot, plotting, pluck, plunder, pondered, pondering, poor, possessions, potter, poured, pouring, power, powerful, powerless, practice, practiced, practices, practicing, praise, praised, praising, pray, prayed, prayer, praying, prays, preach, preached, preaching, precious, prepare, prepared, preparing, present, press, pressed, pressing, prevail, prevailed, prevails, preventing, price, priest's, priest, priesthood, priests, prime, prison, prisoner, prisoners, prisons, prize, proclaim, proclaimed, proclaiming, proconsul, proconsuls, produce, produced, produces, producing, profane, profit, profited, profits, progress, promise, promised, promises, promising, proof, proper, prophesies, prophet, prophets, prosperity, proving, pulled, punish, punished, punishing, punishment, purity, purple, purpose, purposed, pursue, pursued, pursuing, puts, putting, quarrel, quarreled, quarreling, quarrels, quick, quickly, quiet, quietness, rain, rained, rains, ran, reach, reached, reaching, read, readiness, reading, reads, ready, rear, reared, reason, reasoned, reasoning, receive, received, receives, receiving, recognized, reconcile, reconciled, reconciling, redemption, refuting, region, regions, reign, rejoice, rejoiced, rejoices, rejoicing, relative, relatives, religion, religious, remain, remained, remaining, remains, remember, remembered, remembering, remembers, remembrance, remind, reminded, reminder, reminding, remnant, renew, renewed, repaid, repay, report, reported, reporting, reproach, reproaches, reproof, reside, residence, rest, rest, rested, resurrection, retreating, return, returned, returning, revile, reviling, reward, riches, ridiculed, ridiculing, righteous, righteousness, righteousnesses, ring, rinsed, rinsing, rip, ripped, rips, rise, risen, rises, rising, river, road, roaring, roars, rod, rods, roll, rolled, rooster's, rooster, rooted, rose, rotted, rotten, royal, rule, ruler, rulers, run, running, runs, sacred, sacrifice, sacrificed, sacrificing, said, sail, sailed, sailing, sails, salt, salted, salvation, sat, save, saved, saw, say, saying, says, scatter, scattered, scatters, scorching, scorned, scourge, scourged, scourges, scripture, scriptures, sea, seal, sealed, seas, seated, second, secure, secured, see, seed, seeing, seek, seeking, seeks, seen, sees, seize, seized, self-control, self-controlled, self-discipline, selfish, sell, seller, selling, sells, send, sending, sends, sensible, sensual-delight, sent, sentence, sentenced, separate, separating, service, set-sail, set, setting, seven, seventy, shadow, shake-off, shake, shame, shameful, shames, shed, shedding, sheep, shepherd, shepherds, shine, shined, shone, shook-off, shook, short, shortly, shouted, shouting, shoveled, show, showed, showing, shown-partiality, shown, shows-partiality, shows, sick, sickness, sicknesses, sight, signaled, signaling, silent, silver, similar, sin, since, sing, singing, sinned, sinning, sins, sit, sitting, six, slaps, slaughter, slaughtered, sleep, slow, smuggle, smuggled, so-great, sober, soldier, soldiers, sore, sores, sorrow, sorrowful, sorrowing, sorrows, sort, sought, soul, souls, speak, speaking, speaks, spectacle, speech, speech, speechless, spend, spent, spit, spiteful, split, spoke, spoken, sprang, spread, sprinkling, sprung, stain, stand, standing, stands, star, stars, step, stepped, stepping, steps, steward, stirred, stirring, stone, stoned, stones, stood, stoop, stooped, stooping, store, stored, storing, straight, straighten, strange, strength, strengthen, strengthened, strengthening, stretch, stretched, stretching, strike, strikes, stripped, stripping, strong, struck, struggle, stumble, stumbles, stumbling, subject, such, suddenly, suffer, suffered, suffering, sufferings, suffers, sufficient, sum, summed, summon, summoned, summoning, summons, sung, superiority, supper, supplications, supplied, supply, supplying, surpassingly, surround, surrounded, surrounding, swim, sword, sympathize, sympathized, synagogue, synagogues, tabernacle, tabernacles, tackling, take-heed, take-tithes, take, taken-tithes, taken, takes, taking, talant's, talant, talk, talked, taught, tax, teach, teacher, teachers, teaching, teachings, tear-down, tell, temple, tempt, tempted, tempts, ten-thousand, tens, tenth, terrified, test, tested, testified, testifies, testify, testifying, testimonies, testimony, testing, tetrarch, thank, thanked, thanking, thanks, there, thereafter, therefore, third, thoroughly, thousand, thousands, three, threshing, through, thrust, thrusting, tie, tied, till, tithe, tithes, together, told, tolerate, tolerating, tomb, tombs, took-heed, took, top, torment, tormented, torn-down, toss, tossed, tossing, touch, touched, trade, trading, trample, trampled, tramples, transfer, transferred, transferring, transformed, translate, translated, translates, translation, travail, travails, travel, traveled, traveled, traveling, treachery, treasure, treasures, treatment, trembling, trial, tribe, tribes, tribute, trouble, troubled, true, truly, truth, turn, turned, turning, turns, twelve, twice, two, unable, unapparent, unblemished, uncertainty, under, understand, understanding, understands, understood, unfading, ungodly, united, unspeakable, unveiled, upper, upright, uproar, use, used, useful, useless, using, validated, victory, viewed, viewing, villainy, violent, vision, visions, voyage, voyaging, wait, waited, waiting, walk, wall, war, warring, washed, watch, watched, watches, watching, water, waves, way, weak, weakness, weeping, well, whisperers, white, whole, wicked, wife, wild, wilderness, wildernesses, will, willed, willfully, willing, wills, wind, winepress, winter, wipe, wise, wiser, withdraw, within, withstood, witness, witnesses, women, word, words, work, worked, worker, workers, working, works, world, worship, worshiped, worshiping, worthily, worthy, wounds, wrath, write, writing, writings, written, wrote, year, years, yoke, yoked, young-men, young, zealous.

English words in the MLV that come from only one Greek word about 4364:

*for, *that, *that*, Aaron, Abaddon, Abba, Abel, abhorring, Abiathar, abiding, Abijah, Abilene, ability, Abiud, abodes, abolishes, abomination, abominations, about, about-law, Abraham, absence, absent, absolutely, abstain, abundantly, abuse, abused, abyss, acceptance, access, accompanied, accomplishment, accord, accursed, accuser, accusers, accustomed, Achaia, Achaicus, achieve, Achim, acquaintancesacquire, acquired, acquisition, act-disorderly, acting-uprightly, active, actually, Adam, added, Addi, additionally, address, adhered, adjoining, admired, admiring, admonish, admonishing, admonition, adorn, adorned, adornment, Adramyttium, Adriatic, adulterating, adulterers, adulteress, adulteresses, adulteries, adulterous, advanced, advancing, advantageous, adversary, advised, advising, Aeneas, Aenon, affairs, affectionate, affirmed, afflicted, afflicting, affliction, afflictions, afraid, afterwards, Agabus, age, age*, aged, agents, ages, aggravate, agitated, agony, agree, agreeable, agreed, Agrippa, Ah, Ahaz, ahead, aim, air, Akeldama, alabaster, alarmed, Alexander, alien, alienated, aliens, allegorized, allotted, allow, allowed, allowing, allows, Almighty, almost, aloes, along, alongside, Alpha, alphabet, Alphaeus, already, altars, alters, altogether, amassing, amazement, ambassador*, ambassadors*, ambitions, amen, amend, amethyst, Amminadab, Amon, Amos, Amphipolis, Amplias, analogy, Ananias, ancestors, ancestral, anchor, anchored, anchors, ancient, ancients, Andrew, Andronicus, anew, angry, animal, animals, ankles, Anna, Annas, another's, answered, answering, antichrist, antichrists, anticipated, Antipas, Antipatris, any-value, anytime, apathetic, Apelles, apiece, Apollonia, Apollos, Apollyon, apostasy, apostle, apostleship, apparel, apparent, apparition, appeal, appealed, Apphia, Appius, apply, appointed-day, appointed*, apprehension, approaching, appropriate, appropriated, aprons, Aquila, Arabia, Arabs, arbitrating, archangel, Archelaus, Archippus, are*, area, areas, Areopagite, Areopagus, Aretas, argued, arguing, Arimathaea, arise, arisen, arises, Aristarchus, Aristobulus, ark, arm, armed, arms, aroma, arose, Arphaxad, array, arrayed, arrest, arrested, arrive, arrive-unexpectedly, arrived, arrogance, arrogant, Artemas, Artemis, arts, Asa, ascend, ascended, ascending, ascends, ascertained, Asher, ashes, aside, aspiring, asps, assassinate, assassinated, assassination, assassins, assembled, assembly, assent, assign, assistance, assistant, assisted, associations, assorted, Assos, assume, assuming, assurance, assure, assured, assuredly, astonished, astonishing, astonishment, astounded, Asyncritus, attack, attain, attained, Attalia, attempt, attend, attendant, attendants, attended, attire, attract, audience, auditorium, austere, author, authorities, autumn, autumn-fruits, avenger, await, awake, ax, Azor, Azotus, Baal, babbler, babies, baby, Babylon, backs, backward, baggage, Balaam, Balak, balance, banded, banish, banished, bank, bankers, banquet, Barabbas, Barachiah, Barak, barbarian, barbarians, barn, Barnabas, barns, barren, Barsabbas, Bartholomew, Bartimaeus, base, bashed, batch, batter, battered, bay, be*, beach, beached, beam, bear, bear-fruit, bearing, bearing-fruit, bears-fruit, beat, beaten, beating, beats, beauty, became, became-futile, became-poor, beckoned, beckoning, become, become-callous, become-obsolete, becomes, becomes-obsolete, becoming, bed, bedrock, bedroom, Beelzebub, been*, befall, befallen, befalling, befell, begin, beginnings, begotten, behalf, behave, behave-as, behaved-as, behaving, beheaded, behold, being*, Belial, believe, believed, believer, believers, believes, belly, belongs, beloved, below, belt, belts, benefactors, benefit, benevolence, Benjamin, Beor, berate, Bernice, beryl, beseech, beseeched, beseeching, besought, best, bestowed, bestowing, Bethany, Bethesda, Bethlehem, Bethphage, Bethsaida, betrayer, betrayers, betroth, betroths, between, beware, bewitched, bias, bid, bidding, bier, big, billows, birthday, birthright, bit, Bithyna, biting, bits, bitterly, bitterly-angry, bitterness, black, blade, blame, blamed, blaspheme, blasphemed, blasphemer, blasphemers, blasphemes, blasphemies, blaspheming, blasphemous, blasphemy, Blastus, blemishes, bless, blessed, blew, blind, blinded, blink, bloods, bloomed, blow, blowing, blown, Boanerges, board, boarding-house, boasters, boasts, boat, Boaz, bobbing, bodies, bold, boldly, boldness, bonds, bone, bones, bore, borne, borrow, bosom, bother, bothered, bothering, bottom, bounty, bow, bowels, bowl, bowls, box, boy, boys, brag, brains, branded, brands, bread, breakup, breastplate, breastplates, breasts, bridal-party, bride, bridegroom, bridles, briefest, briefly, brightness, brilliance, broad, broadcast, broadcasted, broiled, broke, brokers, bronze-coin, bronze-coins, brother, brotherhood, brotherly-love, brothers, Brothers, brought-under, brow, bruised, bruising, brush, bucket, buffeting, builders, buildings, builds, bull, bulls, bully, bunch, bundles, bunk, burdens, burn-incense, burnt-offerings, burrow, burrowed, burrows, bush, business, but-rather, butcher, buys, cables, Caesar, Caesarea, Caiaphas, Cain, Cainan, calamities, calamity, calculated, calm, calves, came*, camel, camp-commander, can, Cana, Canaanite, Candace, Capernaum, Cappadocia, capsize, captain, captains, capturing, caravan, carcasses, career, carefree, carefully, cargo, cargo-ship, carnelian, carob, caroused, Carpus, carvings, case, castrate, catastrophe, cattle-prodscause, caused-sorrow, causing, causing-splits, cavalier, cave, caves, ceased, celebrate, cell, cellar, Cenchreae, censer, census, Cephas, certain, certain-person, certainly, chaff, chain, chains, chairs, chalcedony, Chaldeans, chamber, chambers, character, charge, charged, chariot, chariots, charity, chasm, cheat, cheated, cheek, cheerfully, cherish, cherishes, cherishing, Cherubim, chest, chests, Chief-Shepherd, childhood, childless, Chios, Chloe, choice, Chorazin, Christian, Christians, chrysolite, chrysoprase, Chuza, Cilicia, cinnamon, circle, circulate, cities, citron, claimed, claiming, clanging, clarify, clarifying, clarity, class, class*, Clauda, Claudia, Claudius, clay, cleanses, clear, clearly, Clement, Cleopas, cloak, Clopas, closed, closely, closer, cloth, clothes, clouds, clubs, clusters, clutched, Cnidus, coal-fire, coasted-along, coasting-along, coat, cohort, coin, coinage, coincidence, cold-hearted, colleaguecollect, collected, collecting, collection, collections, collectors, colony, Colosse, colt, combating, combining, come*, comforted, commander, commanders, commend, commendation, commended, commending, commends, commission, commissioner, companies, companions, compare, comparing, compassion, compassionate, compel, compelled, compels, compensate, compensation, competent, compile, complainers, complaint, completion, compliant, composure, comprehend, comprehension, comprended, compulsion, comrade, comrades, conceited, conceive, conceived, conception, concerning, concession, concluding, condemnable, conduct-themselves, conducted, conducted-ourselves, conducted-themselves, conducting, conducting-themselves, confessedly, confession, confidently, confirmation, conflict, confused, confusing, confusion, congregations, conquered, conscience, consciences, conscious, consciousness, consenting, consents, consider, considerable, considered, considering, consigned, consoleconsoling, conspiracy, constable, constant, constantly, constrained, constructed, consult, contained, containing, contemplation, contemplations, contemporaries, contention, contentious, contentment, contest, continual, continually, continuing, contract, contractor, contradict, contradicted, contradicting, contrariwise, contrary, contributed, conversed, convict, convicted, convicts, cool, copies, coppersmith, copy, Corban, Corinth, Corinthians, Cornelius, corner, cornered, corners, cornerstone, corpse, corpses, correction, corrector, corresponds, corruptible, corrupting, Cos, Cosam, costliness, costly, cots, could, Council, councils, counseled, counseling, counsels, count, counted, counterpart, counterparts, counting, country, countrymen, counts, couplings, courageous, course, courteously, courtyard, cousin, covenant-breakers, covenants*, covering, covertly, covet, coveted, covetous, covetously, cowardice, cowardly, craftily, craftiness, craftsman, craftsmen, crafty, crashing-sound, crazy, creation, creature, creatures, credit, Crescens, Cretans, Crete, cried-outcry-out, crimeless, criminal, criminals, crippled, Crispus, crooked, cross, crossed, crow, crowding, crowed, crowing, crown, crowned, crowns, crows, cruel, cruelty, crumbs, crush, crushed, crushing, crystal, crystal-like, cubit, cubits, cultivated, cultivation, cultured, cumin, cup, cups, curtain, cushion, cut-short, cutting-short, cutting-straight, cycle, cymbal, Dalmanutha, Dalmatia, damage, Damaris, Damascenes, Damascus, dangerous, Daniel, dare, dared, darnel, darts, dashed, daughter-in-law, daughters, David, dawning, days, daytime, dazzling, deacons, dead*, deaf, dealing, dealings, dealt, deaths, debater, debates, decapitated, Decapolis, decayed, decaying, deceit, deceitfulness, deceitfulnesses, deceivers, decency, decent, decently, deciding, decipher, decision, declarations, deeds, deeming, deeply, defamation, defending, deficit, defilements, definite-proofs, defraud, defrauded, defying, deity, delay, delaying, delays, delegated, deliberation, delight-inwardly, delighted, deliverance, delude, deluding, deluge, Demas, demeanor, Demetrius, demolished, demolishing, demolition, demon-possessed, demonic, demonstration, den, depart, departing, departure, deposit, depository, depressed, deprive, deprived, depths, derive, desecrate, desecrated, desecrates, designate, designated, designates, desired, desirers, desiring, desolation, despaired, despairing, despisers, despising, destined, destruction, determined, determines, detest, detrimental, devastating, deviated, device, devices, Devil, devised, devoted, devour, devoured, devouring, devours, devoutly, diadems, Didymus, dies, differently, dig, diligence, diligent-aid, dill, diminish, dimly, dimness, dine, dinner, Dionysius, Diotrephes, dip, dip-out, dipped-out, dips, direct, directed, dirt, disabled, disagreed, disappear, disappearing, disappears, disaster, disbanded, disbelieved, disbelieves, disbelieving, discern, discerned, discerning, discharged, disclose, disclosed, discouraged, diseases, disfigure, disgrace, disgracing, dish, disheartened, dishonoring, dismal, dismay, dismiss, dismissed, disobedience, disobedience*, disorder, disorders, dispersed, dispersion, displeased, dispute, disregarding, disrepute, dissolved, distant, distinct, distinctly, distracted, distraction, distress, distressed, distresses, distribute, distributed, distributes, distributing, distributions, districts, disturbances, ditch, diversities, divider, dividing, divination, divine, divine-answer, divine*, divinely-called, divinely-spoken, divinely-warned, divinity, divorcement, divulge, divulged, do-away-with, document, doer, doers, does-away-with, dog, dogs, domestic, dominate, donation, done-away, done-away-with, doomed, door, doorkeeper, doors, Dorcas, double-tongued, doubt, doubting, doubts, dove, doves, down-payment, downfall, downtrodden, draggingdragnet, dragon, drags, drawing, drawn, draws, dream, dreaming, dreams, dreary, dressed-up, dresses-up, dressing, drift, drink-offering, drinker, drinking-bouts, drive, driven, drooping, dropped, dropping, drops, drowning, drunkards, Drusilla, dues, dug, dumbfounded, dusk, dust, duties, dwellers, dying, dysentery, eager, eagerly, eagerness, eagle, earnest, earnestly, earnings, ears, earth, earthly, earthquake, earthquakes, easier, easily, east, easy, eat-away, Eber, echoed, edge, edged, edges, edible, educated, educating, education, effective, egg, egotism, Egypt, Egyptian, Egyptians, eight, eight-gallon, eighteen, eighty, Elamites, elapsed, elderliness, elderly-man, elderly-men, elderly-women, Eldership, Eleazar, elect, elements, elevation, eleven, eleventh, Eli, Eliakim, Eliezer, Elijah, Elisabeth, Elisha, Eliud, Elmadam, Eloi, elsewhere, elude, eluded, eluding, Elymas, embarrassed, embarrassing, embittered, embracing, Emmaus, emotions, Emperor, empowering, empty-head, empty-talk, empty-talkers, empty-talking, encamped, encampment, encampments, encompassed, encompassing, encounter*, encountered, encountered*, encourage, encouraged, encouragement, encourages, encouraging, encumber, ended, ends, endurance, endure, endured, endures, enduring, enemies, enemy, engaged, engraved, engulfed, enjoyment, enlighten, enlightened, enlisted, enmities, enmity, Enoch, enormous, Enos, enriching, enrolled, enshrouded, enslaving, ensnare, ensuing, entangled, entangles, enter, entering, enters, entice, enticed, enticing, entrance, entwined, enumerated, envies, envy, envying, Epaenetus, Epaphras, Epaphroditus, Ephesian, Ephesians, Ephesus, ephphatha, Ephraim, Epicurean, epileptic, equipped, equipping, Er, Erastus, error, Esau, Esli, especially, espoused, essence, essential, estate, esteem, eternal, Ethiopia, Ethnarch, Eubulus, Eunice, Euodia, Euphrates, Euroclydon, Eutychus, evaded, evangelist, evangelists, Eve, even-less, everlasting, every-time, everyday, everyone, everything, evil-cursing, evildoer, evildoers, evilly, evils, exactness, exalt, exalting, exalts, examination, examined, examining, examples, exceedingly, excellence, excellent, except, except-for, except*, exceptional, exceptionally, exchange-for, exchanging, excuse, excused, executioner, exercises, exercising, exhales, exhorted, exist, existing, exists, exodus, exorcists, expect, expectancy, expecting, expel, expelled, expert, expert-builder, explain, expounded, expressly, extolled, extolling, extols, eye-salveeye-service, eye-services, fables, fabric, fabricated, face, faces, fade, fails, faint, fainthearted, fainting, fair-weather, faithful, faithfully, fall-asleep, fall-flat, fall-short, fallen-asleep, fallen-short, falling-short, falls-short, families, family, famine, famines, fan, far-spent, faraway, farewell, farmer, farmers, farmland, farmlands, farms, fashioned, fashions, fast, fasted, fastened, fasting, fasts, father-in-law, fathered, fatherland, fathoms, fatigued, favor, favored, favors, feared, fearing, fearless, fearlessly, feast, feasting, feeding, Felix, fell, fell-asleep, fell-short, fellow-citizen, female, females, fence, fences, ferried, ferry, ferrying, fertile, festal-gathering, festival, Festus, fetched, fever, fevered, fevers, few, fickleness, field, fields, fierce, fierceness, fifteen, fifteenth, fifth, fighting, filthiness, find, finding, finding-fault, finds, fine-flour, finger, fingers, firmness, first-fruit, first-given, firstborn, fishermen, fishhook, fist, fit, fitly, flame, flames, flask, flattering-words, flattery, flavorless, flawless, flax-linen, flee, flog, floor, flour, flower, flute, flute-players, fly, flying, foliage, following-day, follows, food-allowance, foods, footed, footprints, footstool, for-sure, for*, forbear, forbearance, forbearing, forbears, forbidden, forecourt, forehead, foreheads, foreign, foreknowledge, foremost-places, forerunner, foresail, foreseeing, foreseen, forest, forethought, forever, forfeit, forgave, forgave*, forget, forgetful, forgetfulness, forgetting, forgive, forgive*, forgiven, forgiven*, forgiveness, forgives, forgiving*, forgot, forgotten, former, formerly, fornicate, fornicated, fornicates, fornications, fornicator, fornicators, forsake, forsaken, forsaking, forsook, Fortunatus, fortune-telling, foster-brother, fought, found, found-fault, foundations, founded, four-denarius, fourth, fox, foxes, fracture, fractured, frankincense, frankly, freedman, Freedmen, freedom, freely, frequent, frequently, fresh, friend, friendly, friends, friendship, frogs, front, fruitful, fulfilling, full-armor, fullness, function, fundamental, funeral, furled, furlongs, furnace, furnished, further, futile, futility, future, Gabbatha, Gabriel, Gad, Gadarenes, gag, gained, gains, Gaius, Galatians, gale, Galilean, Galileans, Galilee, gall, Gallio, Gamaliel, gang, gangrene, garbage, garden, gardener, garlands, gave-birthgave-divine, gave-thanks, Gaza, generation, generations, generosity, generous, Gennesaret, genuine, genuinely, genuineness, Gergesenes, gesture, get, get-close, Gethsemane, getting, Gideon, gift*, gifts, gifts*, girding, girl, give-birth, give-divine, give-life, give-thanks, given-life, given-thanks, giver, gives-divine, gives-life, gives-thanks, giving-birth, giving-divine, giving-life, giving-thanks, glad, gladness, glass, glassy, gleaming, gloom, gloomy, glories, glorified, glorify, glorifying, glutton, gluttons, gnat, gnawed, go-onward, goal, god-fearing, goddess, godless, godliness, godliness*, gods, goes-onward, Gog, going-onward, golden, Golgotha, Gomorrah, gone-by, good-bye, good-fortune, goodbyegoodness, goods, gossiping, gossips, govern, governing, government, grabbing, grace, gracious*, graft, grafted, grainfields, grandchildren, grandmother, grant, granted, grapes, grasp, grass, gratitude, great-men, greater, greatest, greatly, greatly-valued, greatness, Grecian, Greece, greed, greedy, Greeks, green, greet, greeted, greeting, greetings, greets, grieve, grieved, grieving, grievous, grinding, grinds, grope, ground, groups, guarantee, guardians, guestroom, guides, guiding, guilt-free, guiltless, gushing, ha, habit, habitation, habitually, Hades, Hagar, hail, hairs, hairy, Hallelujah, Hamor, hamper, handed, handkerchief, handkerchiefs, handle, handout, handsome, handwriting, hanged, hangover, Hanukkah, happen, happened, happening, happens, Har-Magedon, Haran, harass, harassing, harbor, Harbors, hard, hardening, hardens, hardly, hardship, harlot, harlots, harm, harmful, harmless, harmony, harp, harped, harping, harpists, harps, harvest, haste, hate, hated, hates, hating, haughtiness, haughty, haul, hauled, havoc, headed, heads, healings, hearer, hearers, heart*, hearts*, heathen, heave, heavens, heavy, Hebrews, heel, heifer, held-fast, Heli, hello, helmet, helmsman, helper, Helper*, hem, hems, herb, herbs, herd, hereafter, Hermas, Hermes, Hermogenes, Herod, Herodians, Herodias, Herodion, hesitate, hesitating, Hezekiah, Hezron, hid, hidden-reefs, hide, hides, Hierapolis, high-notions, high-priest, high-priestly, high-priests, higher, highest, highly, hill, hill-country, hills, hinder, hindered, hindrance, hit, hold-fast, holding-fast, holding-onto, hole, holes, Holies, holy-one, holy-ones, Holy-place, Holy-places, homeless, homemakers, homosexuals, honesty, honey, honeycomb, honorable, horn, horns, horse, horsemen, horses, Hosanna, Hosea, hospitality, host, hostile, Hosts, hot, hot-coals, hours, householder, housetop, housetops, how-great, how-large, how-much, how-vast, however, howling, hugged, humanely, humbled, humbleness, humbles, humbling, humility, hunger, hungered, hungers, hurried, hurry, hurrying, hurt, hush, hushed, Hymenaeus, hypocrisies, hyssop, Iconium, idol's, idol-sacrifice, idol-sacrifices, idolater, idolaters, idolatries, idolatry, Idumaea, if-only, ignited, ignites, ignoble, ignorant, ill, illegal, illegitimate, illiterate, illness, illuminate, illuminated, illuminates, illumination, illuminations, illustrious, Illyricum, image, imitate, Immanuel, immature, immeasurable, immeasurably, immediately, immerse*, immersed*, Immerser*, immerses*, immersing*, immersion, immersions, immigrant, immoral, immortality, impartial, impediment, implacable, implanted, imploring, impostors, impregnation, imprisoning, improper, improperly, improved, impulse, inaugurated, incessant, incinerated, incinerating, incited, incorruptible, incorruption, indecency, indecisive, indeed, indescribable, indestructible, indicate, indicated, indicates, indicating, indicted, indignant, indignation, indistinct, individually, indulged, indulgence, inevitable, inexperienced, inexpressible, inflamed, inflaming, inform, information, informed, infuriated, ingest, inhabited-earth, inhabiting, inherit, inherited, inheriting, initiated, ink, inn, inner, innkeeper, innocent, innumerable, inopportunely, inquire, inquired, inquiring, inquiry, inscribed, insignia, insignificant, insisting, insofar, insolent, insomuch, instant, instantly, instigated, instituted, institution, instruct, instructed, instruction, instructs, instruments, insulting, insults, integrity, intelligence, intelligent, intention, intercede, intercession, intercessions, interest, interference, intermediary, intermediated, interpretation, interpreted, interrogate, interrogated, intersection, intimate, intimidate, intrust, intrusted, intrusting, invalidated, invalidating, inventors, investigate, invisible, invite, invites, involuntarily, involve, inward, iota, irreproachable, irreverence, irritate, irritated, is*, Isaac, Isaiah, Iscariot, island, isle, Israel, Israelite, Israelites, Issachar, Italian, Italy, itchy, Ituraea, ivory, Jacob, jail, jailor, Jairus, Jambres, James, jammed, Jannai, Jannes, jar, Jared, Jason, jasper, jaw, Jechoniah, Jehoram, Jehoshaphat, Jephthah, Jeremiah, Jericho, Jesse, jesting, Jesus, jettison, Jewish-convert, Jewish-converts, Jezebel, Joanan, Joanna, Job, Joda, Joel, John, joint, jointly, joints, Jonam, Joppa, Jordan, Jorim, Joseph, Joses, Josiah, Jotham, journeys, joyful, joyfulness, joyous, Judaism, Judas, Jude, Judea, judicial-seat, Julia, Julius, jump, jumped, Junias, just-likejustification, justified, justifies, justify, justifying, Justus, kept-silent, kernel, kettles, key, keys, kick, kidnappers, Kidron, kill, killed, killers, killing, kills, kindly-feelings, kinfolk, kingdom, kingdoms, kings, Kish, kissed, knapsack, knee, kneeling, knees, knelt, knit, knitted, knock, knocked, knocking, knocks, knower, knowledgeable, Korah, kumi, labored, laboring, labors, lack, lack*, lacking, lacking*, lacks, lacks*, lady, laid-bare, lamp-stand, lake, Lama, lame, Lamech, lamentation, lamp-stands, land, lane, lanes, lanterns, Laodicea, Laodiceans, large, Lasea, lash, lashed, lashes, late, laugh, laughed, laughter, launderer, lavish, lawful, lawfully, lawless, lawlessness, lawlessnesses, laws, lawsuits, lax, laxing, Lazarus, lazy, lean-back, leaned, leaned-back, learned, learning, leather, leavened, leavens, leaves, Lebbaeus, lecture, lecturing, leftover, legal, legion, legions, legs, leisure, lender, lending, length, lengthen, leopard, leper, lepers, leprosy, lesser, letters, level, level-ground, Levite, Levites, Levitical, liable, liar, liars, liberal, liberality, liberally, liberate, liberated, liberating, liberty, Libya, licked, lifeless, lifestyle, ligaments, light, lightened, lightning, lights, like-feelings, like-manner, like-minded, likewise, likewise*, lilies, limbs, limited, limits, lineage, linen, linen-strips, Linus, lion, lions, lips, liquor, liter, literal, literally, little-fish, livelihood, lives, livestock, loaded, loading, loads, loaf, loan, loaves, locally, locks, locusts, logical, loin, loins, Lois, loiter, long, long-for, long-hair, long-robe, longed-for, longing-for, loose, loosed, loosen, loosening, loosens, looter, looters, lord, lording, lords, lordships, lose, loses, loss, lost, Lot, loud, louder, love-feasts, love*, loved*, lovely, loves*, loving*, lower, lower-courts, lowered, lowering, Lucius, Luke, lukewarm, lusted, lusts, luxurious, Lycaonia, Lycaonian, Lycia, Lydda, Lydia, Lysanias, Lysias, Lystra, Maath, Macedonia, Macedonian, Macedonians, madness, Magadan, Magdalene, maggot-eaten, magic, magical, magician, magistrates, magnified, magnify, Magog, Mahalaleel, maidservant, maidservants, majestic, make*, makers, makes*, making-like, making*, Malchus, male, male-goats, males, malice, maliciousness, Malta, mammals, man-made, Manaen, manage, Manasseh, manger, manly, manna, manner, mannerisms, manners, manure, manure-pile, marble, march, marching, mark, Mark, Market, market-loafers, marketplace, marketplaces, marks, marriage-bed, married, marries, marrow, marrying, Martha, Mary, Master, Master*, master, mastered, masters, Mattatha, Mattathias, matter, matters, Matthan, Matthat, Matthew, Matthias, maybe, mean, means, meat, meat-markets, meddler, Medes, medicated, meek, meekness, Melchi, Melchizedek, Melea, melt, member, members, memorial, men-pleasers, mend, mending, Menna, mentally, mention, merchants, mercies, merciful, merciless, mercy-seat, Mesopotamia, message, messenger, messengers, Messiah, metaphor, metaphors, method, Methuselah, Michael, mid-heaven, midday, Midian, midnight, midst, mightier, mild, mile, Miletus, military-barrier, milk, mill-house, millstone, mind-sets, mindful, mindlessness, minister*, ministered*, ministering*, ministers*, ministry*, mint, miracle, miracles, mirror, miseries, misleaders, misleads, misled, mistreatment, Mitylene, mixture, Mnason, mock, mocked, mockers, model, moderate, modesty, moisture, Moloch, moment, momentary, moments, money, Money, money-bag, money-bags, money-changers, monies, monthly, moon, morals, more-daringly, more-than, more-value, morning-star, morsel, mortal, Moses, most-excellent, moth, moth-eaten, mother-in-law, mothers, motivating, Mount, mountain, mountains, mouth, mouths, move, moving, mowed, mud, mulberry, multifaceted, multiplied, multiply, multiplying, multitude, murmurers, musicians, must, mustard-seed, mutilation, muzzle, Myra, myrrh, Mysia, mysteries, mystery, Naaman, Naggai, Nahor, Nahshon, Nahum, nailing, nails, Nain, nakedness, names, Naphtali, Narcissus, nard, narrative, narrow, Nathan, Nathanael, nation, nations, native, naturally, nature, Nazarenes, Nazareth, Neapolis, nearer, nearly, necessity, neck, necks, needful, needle, neglect, neglected, neglecting, neighbor, neighbors, Nereus, Neri, nest, nests, nets, never, never*obey*, nevertheless, new-convert, new-wine, newborn, newness, next, Nicanor, Nicodemus, Nicolaitans, Nicolaus, Nicopolis, Niger, nightsnine, nine-gallon, ninety, Nineveh, Ninevites, ninth, Noah, noble, nobleman, noisy, non-circumcised, non-instructive, non-salty, none, nonsense, noose, north, northwest, not-so, notable, note, notice, noting, nourishing, now-then, nullifies, nullify, nullifying, nurse, nursed, nursing, nutrition, Nymphas, O, oaths, Obed, obedience, obeyed*, obeying*, objects, obligated, obscene, obscenity, observation, obvious, occupy, of*, offend, offended, offending, offends, offense, offenses, offerings, office, often, oil, old-wives', oldness, Olive, Olives, Olympas, Omega, one-eyed, Onesimus, Onesiphorus, onward, opponent, opportune, opportunely, oppressed, oppressing, or, oracles, orator, ordeal, ordered, orderly, ordinance, ordinances, orphaned, orphans, out, outcome, outcrying, outer, outermost, outlet, outpouring, outstretch, oven, overcame, overcome, overcomes, overcoming, overflow, overlooked, overseer, overseers, overseership, overshadow, overshadowed, oversight, overstretch, overtakes, overthrown, overwhelmed, owe, owed, owes, owing, owners, ownership, oxen, packed, packed-down, pact, pacts, paid-tithes, pain, pains, pair, palace, pale-green, pallet, pallets, palm, Pamphylia, paper, Paphos, parable, parables, paradise, parcel, parcels, parchments, Parmenas, partaking, Parthians, parties, partnership, passage, passing-out, passover, past-year, pasture, Patara, patch, paths, patiently, Patmos, patriarch, patriarchs, Patrobas, patterns, Paul, Paulus, paused, pauses, Pavement, pay, paying, payment, peaceful, peacemakers, pearl, pearls, pebble, peck, peddling, pedophiles, peer, peered, Peleg, pen, penalty, penetrating, Pentecost, perchance, Perez, perfecter, perfectly, perform, perfumes, Perga, Pergamus, perhaps, perils, perished, perishes, perishing, perjure, perjurers, permits, permitting, perpetual, perplexity, persecute, persecuted, persecuting, persecution, persecutions, persecutor, perseverance, persevere, persevering, Persis, persisting, persuasion, pertaining, perverse, perverting, pester, Peter, petitioned, petitions, petty, Phanuel, Pharaoh, Pharisee, Pharisees, Philadelphia, Philemon, Philetus, Philip, Philippi, Philippians, Philologus, philosophers, philosophy, Phlegon, Phoebe, Phoenicia, Phoenix, Phrygia, Phygelus, phylacteries, physical, physician, physicians, pick, picked, pieces, piety, Pilate, piled, pilfer, pilfered, pilfering, pillar, pillars, pilot, pinnacle, pint, pious, piped, Pisidia, pit, pitched, pitcher, pitchers, pitiful, pity, plague, plagues, plain, plainly, plan-for, planing-for, planks, planted, planting, plants, plate, platter, play, plead, pleaded, pledge, plow, plowing, plucked, plucking, plumpness, plus, pods, poets, point, poison, polished, pollutions, pomp, Pontius, Pontus, pool, popped, porch, porches, Porcius, portion, portrayed, possess, possessed, possesses, possessing, possession, possible, postpone, postponed, pot, pots, pound, poundage, pounded, pounds, pour, poverty, powers, practicing-magic, prayers, preacher, prearrange, precede, preceded, precedes, preceding, precisely, predefined, predetermined, preeminent, pregnant, pregnant*, prejudice, premature-baby, presence, presented, present*, presently, presents, preservation, preserve, pressure, pretended, pretext, prevented, preventing, previous, previously, prey, priced, prices, priestly, principalities, principality, principles, Prisca, Priscilla, privately, probe, proceed, proceeded, Prochorus, proclaimed, proclaimer, proclaims, procure, procured, product, profess, professed, professing, professor, professors, profit's, profitable, progressed, progressing, prolonged, prominence, prominent, promiscuity, promiscuous, promote, promotes, promptly, propel, properties, property, prophecy, prophesied, prophesy, prophesying, prophetess, prophetic, proposes, prosper, prospered, prospers, protected, proven, proverb, provide, provided, provides, providing, province, provisions, provoke, provoking, prow, prudence, prudent, prudently, prunes, psalm, psalms, Ptolemais, public-reading, public-reforms, publicly, Publius, Pudens, puffed, puke, pull, puppies, purchased, pure, purely, purest, purification, purified, purifies, purify, purifying, pursuits, pushed, Puteoli, quarrelsome, Quartus, queen, quench, quenched, question, questionings, questions, quick-tempered, Quirinius, quite-well, quizzing, Rabbi, Rabboni, race, Rachel, radiance, radiant, radiantly, rage, railing, rainbow, rainfall, rainfalls, raise*, raised, raised*, raising, Ram, Ramah, rank, ransom, rash, rather, rations, ravenous, ravens, rays, really, reap, reaped, reapers, reaping, reasonings, reasons, Rebecca, rebelled, rebellion, rebellious, rebirth, rebuke, rebuked, rebuking, recently, reception, recognize, recognized, recompense, reconciliation, recover, recovered, recovery, red, Red, redeem, redeemed, redeemer, reed, refined, reflection, reformation, refraining, refreshed, refuge, refuses, regard, regard-lightly, register, registered, regret, regretted, regretting, Rehoboam, reigned, reigning, reigns, reimbursement, reject, rejected, rejected*, rejecting, rejects, rekindle, relaxation, relaxed, release, released, relief, relieve, relieved, removal, remove, removed, Remphan, renewal, renounce, renounced, rent, rented, rented-house, repayment, repays, repent, repentance, repented, repents, repetitious, replenished, replenishing, report, reports, representation, reproached, reproaching, reprove, reproved, reptiles, repute, reputed, request, requested, requesting, requests, required, requirements, rescue, rescued, rescues, rescuing, resembles, resided, residency, residing, resist, resisted, resisting, resists, respect, respectable, respectively, restfulness, restless, restoration, restore, restored, restores, restoring, restraints, restricting, rests, retaliated, retreat, retreats, Reu, Reuben, reveal, revealed, revealing, revelation, revelations, reveling, revelings, revere, reverence, reverent, revering, review, reviewed, reviewing, reviled, reviler, revilers, revisit, rewarder, Rhegium, Rhesa, Rhoda, Rhodes, ribs, rich, richly, ridden, right, righteously, ringleader, riot, rioters, riotous, riotousness, ripe, ripping, rise*, risen*, rises*, rising*, risked, rivers, roads, robbed, robber, robbers, robe, robes, rock, rocks, rocky, Roman, Romans, Rome, roof, root, roots, ropes, rose*, rotated, rough, rouse, route, rowed, rowing, rows, rubbing, rudder, rudders, rue, Rufus, ruins, rumor, ruptured, rural, rushed, rust, Ruth, sabachthani, Sabbath-rest, sackcloth, sacrifices, Sadducees, Sadoc, sailors, Salamis, Salem, Salmon, Salmone, Salome, salty, Samos, Samothrace, Samson, Samuel, sanctification, sanctified, sanctifies, sanctify, sanctifying, sanctuary, sand, sandals, Sanhedrin, Sapphira, sapphire, Sarah, Sardis, sardonyx, satisfied, saves, sawed, scales, scarcely, scared, scarlet, scene, scepter, Sceva, schemes, scholarship, school, scoffed, scolded, scolding, scorn, scorning, scorpion, scorpions, scribe, scribes, scroll, scum, Scythian, sea-coast, sea-creature, sea-creatures, sealing, seals, seamless, search, searched, searching, season, seasoned, seasons, seat, seating, seats, secret, secretly, secrets, sect, sectarian, sectioning, sections, sects, Secundus, securely, security, seduced, seeds, seem, seemed, seems, seizes, seizing, seizure, select, selected, selectively, Seleucia, self-condemned, self-indulgent, self-sufficiency, self-willed, Semein, sense, senses, sensual-delights, sentries, sentry, separate*, separated*, separated, separates, separates*, sergeants, Sergius, serpent, serpents, Serug, servant, servants, serve, serve*, served, served*, serves, service, services, serving, serving*, set-free, Seth, setting-sail, settle, settles, seventh, severity, sewer, sews, shackles, shaken, shamed, shaming, share, shared, sharing, Sharon, sharp, sharp-disagreement, sharper, sharply, shattered, shave, shaved, Shealtiel, sheared, shearer, sheath, Shechem, shed-tears, sheepskins, sheet, Shelah, Shem, shepherding, shield, shines, shining, ship, ship-owner, ships, shipwrecked, shoes, shook, shooting, shoots, shore, short-sighted, shortage, shortened, shot, shoulders, shoveled, showbread, showed-mercy, showing-mercy, shown-mercy, shows-mercy, shreds, shrines, shudder, shun, shunned, sicklesift, sighed, sighing, sign, signal-agreement, signals, signified, signify, signifying, signs, Silas, silence, silk, Siloam, Silvanus, silversmith, Simeon, simplicity, Sinai, sincere, sincerity, sinful, sing-praise, singing-praise, sink, sinner, sinners, sister, sisters, sits, sixth, sixty, skeptical, skilled, skin, skippers, skull, slander, slanderer, slanderers, slandering, slanders, slap, slapped, slay, sleep, sleeping, sleeping-around, sleeplessness, slew, slipped, slowly, slowness, sluggish, slumber, slumbered, small, small-boat, small-boats, small-fish, smallest, smash, smell, smoke, smoking, smooth, smooth-talk, smoother, Smyrna, snake, snare, sneaked, sneaking, sneered, sneering, snow, so, so-many, so-much, so-that, so-then, socialize, Sodom, soft, softly, soil, sojourned, sojourning, sold*, solid, solid-ground, Solomon, someday, somehow, someone, something, somewhere, song, songs, sons, sonship, Sopater, sorcerers, sorceries, sorcery, sorrow-free, sorrowful, sorry, Sosipater, Sosthenes, sound, sound*, sounded, sounds, south, southwest, sovereign, sovereigns, sow, sowed, sower, sowing, sown, sows, Spain, spare, sparing, sparingly, sparrows, spat, spear, spearmen, special, speck, spend, spent, spice, spices, spies, spilled, spin, spinning, spirit, Spirit, spirit*, spirits, spirits*, spiritual, spiritually, splashing, splendor, split-apart, splits, spoils, sponge, spreading, spring, springing, springs, sprinkled, sprout, sprouted, spurn, spurred, spy, squall, squandered, squandering, squares, stabbed, Stachys, stadium, staff, staffs, stained, stains, staked-through, stand-erect, stand-firm, stand-ready, standard*, stands-ready, stare, stared, staring, start, starting-point, starving, stature, stayed, staying, steadfast, steal, stealing, steals, steer, steersman, Stephanas, Stephen, sterile, stern, stewards, stewardship, stick-around, sticks, stiff-necked, still, stimulated, stinks, stocks, Stoic, stole, stomach, stood-erect, stopped, storeroom, storerooms, storm, storm-tossed, story, stoutly, straightened, strain, stranger, strangers, strangled, strap, straps, straw, street, streets, strictest, strife, strifes, striking, stroke, strolling, strong-enough, strongholds, structure, struggles, struggling, stuck, stuck-around, study, stumbled, stupor, subjected, subjecting, subjection, subjugated, submissive, submitted, substantially, subterranean, succession, successor, succumbed, such-as, sudden, suffer-damage, suffer-hardship, suffer-punishment, suffers-violently, sufficiency, suggest, suitable, summation, summer, sumptuously, sun, sunk, superfluous, superior, superior-stations, suppers, supplication, supported, suppose, supposed, supposes, supposing, supremacy, surely, surname, surnamed, surpasses, surpassing, surpassingly-better, surprised, surprising, Susanna, suspense, suspicions, sustenance, swaddled, swallow, swallowed, swear, swears, sweat, sweep, sweet, sweet-fragrance, swell, swept, swift, swindler, swindlers, swindling, swine, swords, swore, sworn, sycamore, Sychar, Symeon, sympathetic, Syntyche, Syracuse, Syria, Syrian, Syrophoenician, Syrtis, Tabitha, table, tables, tablets, tail, tails, take-advantage, take-hold, taken-advantage, taken-heed, taken-hold, takes-advantage, taking-heed, taking-hold, talants, Talitha, talked-about, talking, Tamar, tame, tamed, tanner, tarnish, tarnished, taste, tasted, Taverns, tax-office, taxes, teaches, tear, tears, tedious, teeth, telling, temperate, temple-keeperthree-gallon, temples, temporary, temptation, temptations, tempter, ten, tender, tenderly, tending, tent, tents, Terah, terminated, termination, terrestrial, terribly, territory, terror, terrors, Tertius, Tertullus, tests, Thaddaeus, thankful, thanksgiving, thanksgivings, that*, theater, thefts, then, then*, Theophilus, there*, thereafter, thereon, Thessalonians, Thessalonica, Theudas, thick, thief, thieves, thigh, think, thinking, thinks, thirst, thirsty, thirty, thistles, Thomas, thorn, thorns, thorny, thoroughfares, thought, threaten, threatened, threatening, threats, threw, throat, throne, thrones, throughout, throw, thunder, thunders, thunderstorm, thus, Thyatira, Tiberias, Tiberius, tiles, Timaeus, Timon, Timothy, tip, title, Titus, today, tolerable, tomorrow, tongue, tongues, too, took-advantage, took-hold, tooth, topaz, tops, torch, torches, tore-down, tormenting, torments, torn, tortured, torturers, touching, towel, tower, towns, traced, Trachonitis, tracks, tradeoffs, tradition, traditions, train, trance, tranquil, transfigured, transgress, transgressed, transgresses, transgressing, transgression, transgressions, transgressor, transgressors, translator, transparent, transpire, transplanted, trap, trash, trauma, traumatized, travelers, traveling, traveling-associates, traveling-associate, travels, treacherous, treasured, treasury, treat, treated, tremble, trespass, trespasses, trickery, trimmed, trip, tripped, trips, triumph, triumphing, Troas, Trogyllium, Trophimus, trumpet, trumpeters, trumpets, Tryphaena, Tryphosa, tunic, tunics, turnabout, turtledoves, tutor, tutors, twelfth, twelve-bushel, twenty, Twin, twisted, twisting, two-denarius, two-hundred, Tychicus, typhoon, Tyrannus, unapproachable, unapproved, unashamed, unattended, unbearable, unbelief, unbelievable, unbeliever, unbelievers, unbelieving, unbridled-lusts, unchangeable, uncircumcision, unclean, uncleanness, uncondemned, uncontrollable, undefiled, undeniable, undeniably, undergirding, undergo, undergoes, underneath, undertaken, undertaking, undertook, underwent, undeservedly, undiluted, unending, unequally, unfailing, unfaithful, unfit, unforbidden, unfruitful, ungodliness, unholy, unified, unimpeachable, unintelligible, unison, united-together, utter-ruin, unity, unknown, unlearned, unleavened, unless, unload, unmarried, unmerciful, unmovable, unoccupied, unprepared, unprofitable, unprofitableness, unquenchable, unreasonable, unreasoning, unrecognized, unregrettable, unrepentant, unrest, unrests, unrighteous, unrighteousness, unripe, unrolled, unroofed, unsearchable, unsettled, unsettling, unshakable, unsheathed, unshrunk, unskilled, unsparing, unstable, unstained, untamed, unthankful, until, untraceable, unwashed, unwavering, unwise, unwitnessed, unworthily, unworthy, uprightly, uprightness, uproot, uprooted, upsetting, upstairs, upward, Urbanus, urge, urged, urgently, urging, Uriah, uses, utter, Uzziah, vacate, vain, vainly, validate, valley, value, vapor, varieties, variety, various, vegetation, vehemently, veil, veiled, vengeance, very-act, very-long, vessel, vessels, victorious, view, viewpoint, views, village, villages, vine, vine-dresser, vinegar, vineyard, violating, violation, violence, violent-impulse, violently-enters, viper, vipers, virgin, virginity, virgins, virtue, virtues, virtuous, visible, visit, visitation, visited, voice, voiceless, voices, void, volume, voluntarily, vomit, voted, voting-pebble, votive-offerings, vow, vowed, vultures, wages, wagging, wailing, wait-on, wait-upon, waiter, wake, walked, walking, walks, wallowing, walls, wander, wanting, warfare, warmed, warming, warmth, warn, warned, wars, was*, wash, washbasin, washing, waste, watchful, watered, watering, waterless, waters, wave, ways, weaker, weaknesses, wealth, wear, wearing, weary, wedding, wedlock, week, weep, weigh, weight, weighty, went-onward, wept, were*, west, wheat, whether, whipped, whipping, whirlwind, whisk, whiten, whitewashed, wholeness, wick, wickedness, wickednesses, wide, widen, widened, widow, widows, width, wield, wielding, window, winds, wine, wineskins, wings, winnowing, wins, winter-stream, wintered, wintering, wipe-away, wiped, wiped-away, wisdom, wise-men, wisely, wish, wish-that, wished, wishes, wishing, withdrawing, withdrew, withstand, withstanding, witnessed, wives, woe, woes, wolf, wolves, woman, wombs, wonders, wood, wooden, wool, workings, worldly, wormwood, worse, worshipers, worst, wound, wounds, woven, wrangling, wrappings, wrathful, wraths, wrestling, wrinkle, writes, writing-tablet, wrong, wrongdoing, wronged, wrongfully, wronging, yearly, yell, yes, yesterday, yield, yielded, you*, young-daughter, young-donkey, young-man, young-servant, young-servants, younger, your*, yours*, youth, youthful, Zacchaeus, Zacharias, Zarephath, zeal, Zealot, zealousness, Zebedee, Zebulun, Zechariah, Zenas, Zerah, Zerubbabel, Zion.

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