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  • My name is Butch Walker.  I was a denominational Christian until I picked up a New Testament one day and started reading it over a 2 month period. I discovered that my denomination had lied to me about the most basic of all Bible teaching -- SALVATION. I left denominationalism 20+ years as you can see for obvious reasons.  If you are in a Denomination that calls itself a Denomination then I challenge you to also read the New Testament over a 2 month period and see if they teach the Bible or not?  The top link on this page has the most accurate Bible ever made and there is a reading chart in the Appendix section at the end of the document. 
  • I am the breed of Christian almost extinct in America-- non-denominational, conservative, fundamentalist. I am the most feared type of Christian because I believe in Book Chapter & Verse type authority. I am NOT a full time preacher being paid to provide this web site to you! I am not under the control of some denomination, missionary society, preaching school, pope, guardian, foundation or college; I answer only to God through Jesus Christ his son. I will never be under your control regardless of how great you are! But if you have good suggestions to further the cause of Christ please feel free to give them. I work for myself.  My company sells & repairs computer and computers systems. (If you didn't buy your computer from a Christian company... why not?)
  • If I don't have support from YOU (you personally)  these web site(s) are going to be sold to some denomination for really big bucks.  You see the link above. Have too much money for Paypal... contact me for other options. (Don't pay to have your grass mowed this week and donate that here.)
  • This web site is my fulfillment of the commandment to use my abilities with computers to fulfill the commandment commonly called "The Great Commission."  This is my missionary effort into all the world.  But soon may disappear forever. 
  • This web site is the work of one man (1000's of hours) and those who have helped either with their material, wisdom, prayers or the dire needed financial support.  None of the us (authors, helpers, myself, etc.) hold to any particular sect or denominational creed.  We follow the teachings found in the Holy Bible of Jesus Christ.  We are non-denominational or undenominational not inter-denominational!  This web site does not set policies or creeds for any church(es) or Christian organization(s). It is not a church, denomination, missionary society or any form of religious organization, again it is the work of one man with helpers. We are human. Follow Jesus, not any of us! Our hope is that this website of information is helpful in your worshiping of God in Spirit and Truth and your obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • This website is what I wished I had when I became a Christian and was starving for God's word.
  • Articles on this site are placed here because of the truth that they contain. We will not set up ourselves as a judge of a person in any matters outside of what is written in the Bible!  We do not know the heart or the beliefs of the other authors in many cases. I am sure they are human. Some of the authors may also not hold to other authors' beliefs about other Bible teachings either. I reserve the right to remove any author from this web site at any time.
  • If you don't find material or articles listed in the indexes, please don't send a request for it. I do not have the resources to fulfill personal request for articles or material. I or one of the other authors will however try to answer questions of a Biblical nature but don't try and state your opinion and then close your mind to the truth.
  • This is a non-profit site.  Its operation is funded only through private individual contributions and congregational donations.  Millions of people have come to the Christian Library. The financial support from all of them and every congregation who says they stand for the truth in the past 7 years has never even covered the bills! Support for this site in 2.5 year now has been $20.00.  Anyone who calls himself a Christian, who has more than a job, food on the table, a car in the driveway, and a house to live in, should be ashamed.
  • I  will not add a link to your site.  I plan to have all "in house" material.  If you do not want to give your material then it will not be seen by our millions of visitors.  I require a copyright permission form to be filled out by you first, before I ever consider new material.  No material compensation will ever be given to authors.  The most popular author, Grady Scott, preached 4500 sermons in one day in March.
  • Reference works are written by scholarly men but they could have some bias. "Comments in red" will be added where there is disagreement with any reference material or just have "additional comments."  Generally speaking I just pull the article.
  • Please contact me, Butch Walker at sales11 (at),  if you find any typing mistakes in any work. Some may have crept in during scanning or conversion to HTML.  (There is about 300,000 pages of information at present to go through on this site and it is impossible for anyone to proofread all of it, especially twice.)
  • Please read the  Copyrights  for information in that area.
        Butch Walker, Christian, webmaster, designer, owner, world evangelist, preacher.  4/2012

Please keep this missionary effort in your prayers. You may link to anything on this web site without permission. 
You may print anything on  this web site provided you follow the restrictions under the Copyright Section.

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