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The Leadership of the church is Jesus as the Head, then an Eldership  (Elders, Overseers, Bishops all names for the same office).  The other types of leaders should never be more than examples and then only as "they follow Christ." Any arrangement other than the one above violates scripture.

Grady Scott Some Misconceptions Concerning Leadership**
Appointment of Elders
Exhortations to Gospel Preachers
J.W. McGarvey A Treatise of The Eldership (book on line) 
Brian Yeager
Arise and Speak Unto Them
Bad Leadership Hinders Spiritual Growth**
Church Leadership
Entertain or Teach**
False Teachers**
How To Serve Publicaly
Making Them Able To Teach Others Also**
Old Paths**
Preaching the Word
The Preacher and His Goals  **
The Works of Growth
Two Mile Service for the Lord
Who Get's the Glory **
Woe Unto Me if I Preach not the Gospel
Women in the Church
You Must First Preach**
Brannon Hyde Deacons
Douglas R. Young They Be Blind Leaders of the Blind **
The Leadership of Bible School Teachers **
Marvin L. Weir The Leadership of Preachers **
Mickey Hukill Leadership of Women **

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