Index of Biblical "P Topics"
Pack animals Pain Painting
Palace Pale horse Palm Sunday
Palm tree Palmer-worm Palsy
Panic Pantomime Paper
Papyrus Parables Paradise
Paradox Paralysis Parchment
Pardon Parents Parlor
Parsimony (stinginess) Partiality Partnership
Partridge Parricide Paschal lamb, typical nature of
Passenger Passion Passports
Pastor (Shepherd or Elder) Patience Patriarch
Patriarchal government Patricide Patriotism
Pattern Paul, Apostle  Pavilion
 Pawn Peace Peace offerings
Peace, spiritual Peacock Pearl
Pelican Pen Penalty
Penitence Penitent Penknife
Penny Pension Pentecost
Pentecostalism Penuriousness (stinginess)  
People, common Perfection Perfidy (treachery)
Perfume Perjury Persecution
Perseverance Personal call Personification
Pestilence Peter, Book of First Peter, Book of Second
Petition Petroleum Pharaoh
Pharisees Philanthropy Philemon, Book of
Philippians, Book of Phylactery Physician
Physiognomy Physiology Picture
Piece of silver Piety Pigeon
Pilgrims and strangers Pillar Pillow
Pilot Pin Pine
Pinnacle (wing) Pipe Pit
Pitch Pitcher Pity
Plague Plan of salvation Plane
Planet Plants Plaster
Pleading Pleasure Pledge
Plow Plowshare Plummet
Poet Poetry Policy
Politics Poll tax Polygamy
Polytheism Pomegranate Pool
Poor Poplar Popular sins
Popularity Porch Porpoise
Porters Post Potsherd
Pottery Pound Poverty
Power of Christ Power of God Power of The Holy Spirit
Power of Jesus Praise Prayer
Prayerfulness Prayerlessness Preaching
Precepts Precious stones Preciousness of Christ
Predestination Preparation  
  Preparation day Presbyter
Prescience Present Presumption
Pretorium Pride Priest
Primogeniture Prince of Peace Princesses
Prison Prisoners Privilege
Privileges of the Saints Prize Probation
Proclamation Procrastination Prodigal son
Prodigality (waywardness) Profanation Profanity
Profession Prognostication Prohibition
Promises Promotion Propagation
Property Prophecy Prophetesses
Prophets Prophets, False Propitiation
Proselytes Prosperity Prostitution
Protection Protracted meetings Proud
Proverbs Proverbs, Book of Providence
Proxy Prudence Pruning
Psalms Psalms, Book of Psaltery
Publicans Pulpit Pulse
Punishment Punishment, Capital Purification
Purity  Purveyor  

Plurals and different verb forms are not listed separately.  If you are looking for "spiritual death" you might need to check "Death" or "Spiritual" for the answer. Most proper names are listed elsewhere.


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